The Partnership agreement is success story on general level.

The development of skills and competences, increased value creation, and work place restructuring are listed as some of the most important priority areas in the county masterplan for Møre & Romsdal 2017-2020. The common objective for these priority areas is that Møre & Romsdal County is to have an internationally competitive business environment.

“” is the main provider of guidance for entrepreneurs in the county of Møre & Romsdal. The aim of is to facilitate for more and better newly established businesses in the county, by providing good quality guidance for entrepreneurs, courses and seminars for competence building, meeting places and arenas for networking, as well as financial funding for start-ups. 

Partnership agreement for

All the work and collaboration in is based on this partnership agreement. The agreement is between the different levels of regional governance, and it points out who are responsible for what, and regulates the cooperation as a whole. This agreement is the platform for the work in the first line service system,

In addition to the agreement, the municipality, define their unique responsibility in an defined Annex.This annex is adopted to the local service, and it state the details of the formalities at local level. This includes:

  • Who in the municipality (department) or which organisation is responsible for the service
  • Opening hours of the office
  • Either: Work percentage performed by the defined department at the municipality
  • Or: Agreement between the municipality and partner organisation
  • What is included in the service provided to the entrepreneur
  • A description of how the brand is visible and how they will market the brand to the entrepreneur

This agreement formalize the work between the different parties, and all parties have one joint goal, to make the journey of the entrepreneur less fragmented and easier to understand. The entrepreneur is the main stakeholder of the work.

This is a success because of the joint effort and formalization of what`s expected of each parties. This creates loyalty and clarity in the partnership. The Mayor of each Municipality signs the agreement. This is important to create ownership and awareness of the agreement in the administration and amongst the politician’s in the Municipality.

The partners evaluate the content of the agreement every 4 years. In this evaluation, they agree upon changes after going through the status and development in the partnership. This keeps all the parties updated and keep the partnership strong.

The points of deliverance is evaluated year by year, to keep track of what is delivered. This also contributes to make the partnership stronger, and to keep the service towards the entrepreneur at top level.   

On the 2nd of May, the first agreement was signed. During the next two years, the municipalities signed their agreements. Since then the agreement has been changed, adopted and signed approximately every 4 years, since the timeline for each agreement is 4 years. The last signing of agreements was in 2018.

To our knowledge the County of Möre and Romsdal is the first region to create this kind of formalized partnership.

The aim is to bring the service up to a high standard for the entrepreneur, and the agreement served towards a field that`s not regulated by national law. The partnership can be viewed as a substitute for legislation.

In the beginning, it was difficult to achieve joint perception of goals for the region, and how to get there. The parties had to agree on the content of the agreement.

To get all parties on board the administration of the County Authority had to create common goals where all parties could agree. This was solved by meeting up with the parties regularly, and finding common ground to develop the partnership.

It is also difficult to keep the partnership going. Regular meetings between the parties are necessary. This demands a significant use of resources at regional level. For the County Authority, it demands a dedicated person to follow up both the partnership, but also the points of deliverance. Our findings is that to prioritize the resources to do the work, we get results.

It is important to show the results to the political level, to keep the partnership sustainable and strong. The management at the different departments involved also need to get access to the results, to keep their commitment and resources in the partnership. 

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