Crescere in Digitale, literally “Growing in Digital”, is a project of ANPAL and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies created in partnership with Unioncamere and Google on the national resources of the Youth Guarantee Project.

The initiative aimed at promoting, through the acquisition of digital skills, the employability of young people who do not study and do not work by investing to improve their digital skills. After that, they also support their students in engaging companies in their territory offering services to improve the companies’ visibility and marketing.

The first part of the programme, once the NEET is registered, consists of an online course of over 50 hours at the end of which a test is scheduled. After the test, the participant will receive a certificate to be included in the CV. The eligible young NEET can request to participate in workshops in the territory and offers the possibility to access extracurricular internships in different enterprises.

An example of Success Story started with Crescere in Digitale is about Fabio Pinna, from Oristano, Sardinia. Fabio, after studying at an Industrial Technical Institute with a specialization in computer science, immediately started looking for a job in the field that he was more passionate about: the digital world. This is how he discovered Crescere in Digitale. After participating to the online course, he started an internship with Tek Ref, a company specialized in pizza ovens in Oristano. After six months of training he earned a permanent contract. Now he deals with all the digital and marketing tasks that are needed in the company, updating the site and social media, preparing photographic content and short videos, managing the advertising campaigns and also offering administrative support and maintaining relations with foreign customers.

The innovative approach of this initiative concerns the placement of NEETs by monitoring the concentration of companies registered in the Youth Guarantee and monitoring the enrolled NEETs and the local availability to be able to organize a training workshop between NEETs and host structures. The main subjects of companies involved, who will then hold training workshops, will then express their preferences about candidates based on the progress of course, so that the staff of Crescere in Digitale will put it in contact with the NEET chosen for subsequent internship.

Many young NEETs, having lost the motivation, could be discouraged from having to take training lessons and then proceed to the introduction to the job market, instead of starting to work immediately.

Crescere in Digitale gives a great opportunity to NEETs, allowing them to experience the labor market by training and making, they discover new aspects of the latter. This system is built to increase their motivation to continue on their path, making them aware of the fact that constant updating and training are the key to success.

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