NEETwork is a project started in 2016 that aims at supporting NEETs employment in non-profit organizations in Lombardia.

The NEETwork has been launched because the “Garanzia Giovani” (Youth Guarantee) was not having the expected results. Thus, NEETwork established an effective method to:

  1. engage non-profit organizations to open new internship positions with the economic support of NEETwork and Youth Guarantee
  2. engage and then support organizations in the NEETs selection
  3. help NEETs to feel more confident to enter the labor market by offering psychological support.

NEETwork support the non-profit organizations and the NEETs to join the Youth Guarantee. Indeed, NEETwork offers i) consultancy to the non-profit organizations to subscribe to the Youth Guarantee and ii) support in the selection of NEETs. Furthermore, it also offers an economic support to the organizations by paying part of the internship /the internship is paid by the Youth Guarantee fund, NEETwork and the non-profit organization).

The opportunity offered by NEETwork is to reactivate the NEETs, only young people who do not study, have been unemployed for at least 3 months and are not enrolled in Youth Guarantee can benefit from NEETwork services. Since the Youth Guarantee registered a very low number of subscribed NEETs, NEETwork goals was to identify young unemployed who meet the requirements of the non-profit organisations and the Youth Guarantee and engage them. NEETwork looks for NEETs in job centers and employment agencies and in parallel extended the research to young people responding to a targeted campaign on social medias and through their website and also by calling them when the person information was updated. NEETwork also supported the organizations and the NEETs by offering different interviews with experts that could help NEETs with their social and psychological issues related to their unemployment situation.

The innovative approach lays in the idea of supporting both NEETs and non-profit organizations that were not using the opportunities that were offered by Youth Guarantee. Furthermore, NEETwork also decided to support the non-profit organizations economically to increase their interest in hiring the NEETs. Moreover, NEETwork also offer psychological support to NEETs in order to increase their confidence and reactivate their will to enter the job market.

The main difficulty lies with the reactivation on the educational, professional and, above all, motivational level of young NEETs that for various reasons have prematurely left their studies and find themselves excluded from labor market. Having thus developed a general sense of distrust both of institutions and of future employment prospects. NEETwork also overcame the difficulties of the non-profit organizations hand by supporting them administratively and economically.

The benefit of NEEtwork project is to remove NEET from that condition and to rediscover work motivation and a vision of the labor market, thus not allowing the renovation of such condition in the future.

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