The success story is a personal story with a guaranteed purchase price of electricity (feed-in tariffs) from field of Renewable energy sources (RES).

The project was created by the joint work of the closest Mirić family from Virovitica (three brothers and father). The main motive for launching the project was the opening of a new company that would deal with production two-axis photovoltaic systems and the creation of new green jobs. The two companies, Brana and DMS, have established a development team of young people with the task of trying to make more efficient use of solar energy. It was concluded that the highest efficiency solar systems possible during all-day monitoring of the ideal angle of decline of solar radiation on photovoltaic panels. Thus, the OFS-10, two-axis photovoltaic systems was created that uses its newly developed program. The program was developed by the Institute Koncar Zagreb to accurately follow the sun from morning to evening, producing up to 50% more electricity than fixed systems of equal size and strength. The OFS-10 two-axis photovoltaic systems operates in all weather conditions, it has protection against wind blows and lightning strikes, and easy mounting forms of construction. In the preparation is of the construction of a new factory in Virovitica that was specialized in the production and installation a tracking system (two-axis photovoltaic systems) power of 5 kW, 7.5 kW, 10 and 15 kW.

The product had to be at a high technological level and have an acceptable price to be sustainable in the future. Innovation of the two-axis photovoltaic systems was to make use of solar energy in a higher percentage than previous models. After five years of work and four attempts was achieved by an increase in electricity production of this innovative two-axis photovoltaic systems by 50% in the same location and in the same size. For the realization it was necessary to assemble a team of young people of different profiles of knowledge and professions that are innovative and want to develop a new product to market. One such two-axis photovoltaic systems requires about three hundred hours of work by highly specialized executors of different professions.

The project had to be funded by personal means from the long-standing accumulation of the Mirić family. There was no such thing in Croatia and there is now no financial fund with the aim of developing a new product. The basic and most important difficulty in developing this product was to keep all the team members together because the development of photovoltaic systems in Croatia was not enough stimulated for citizens and entrepreneurs to incorporate photovoltaic systems for electricity production. The process from idea to realization should be much shorter because the market demands quick reaction. The great difficulties of this success story were in the extremely complicated procedure of getting the necessary documentation and complicating the two-axis photovoltaic systems connection to the electricity network.

Long term unemployed young people would have safe jobs because the production of electricity from photovoltaic systems is a long term sustainable project. It is a great benefit of this success story because jobs are of local character and can be applied in the wider area because the use of solar energy is available to a wider community and rich and poor regions. Young people want innovations and new challenges but the financing of their ideas must be much better and faster.