DIGItal POINTS is a personal story in the field od sustainable mobility and business innovation.

Bruna Livramento was unsatisfied with her working conditions, so she decided to quit her job and apply to the StartNOW initiative, an acceleration programme promoted by Startup Madeira, that provides financial support to develop business ideas, during a period from two to six months. Among 33 participant “ideas”, she reached the top three finalists with the DIGItal Points idea.

Afterwards her brother and sister-in-law joined her and now they are in the installations of Startup Madeira developing their business model in an acceleration environment, while benefitting from technical support and attending business innovation training sessions.


  • 2018 – Participation in the StartNOW initiative.
  • 2019 – Development of the application and business model.

DIGItal Points is developing an app that creates pedestrian itineraries in urban areas of Funchal with information on points of interest. The app also provides the possibility for users to create their own itineraries, based on their interests and schedule. The app will also integrate the public transport schedule and itineraries promoting sustainable mobility in urban centres. The app is already prepared to other urban areas.

Selecting an informatics engineer to design and develop the application.

The team is still developing the contents of the app, so they don’t have any income so far, but receive some income from freelance work.

The investment in app advertising is very high so the team is looking for financial support and has new ideas to ensure the competitiveness of the company that is being created.

This story can serve as an inspiration for professionals to create their own business when not satisfied with their current employment. It is an example of entrepreneurship and innovation where communication skills, self-motivation, risk-taking and networking are key factors to create job opportunities for young professionals.

The role of Startup Madeira, partner of the EBN – European Network of Business and Innovation Centres, namely the StartNOW, an acceleration programme that is essential to tackle youth unemployment through entrepreneurship support and company incubation.

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