The Island Energy Council of Gran Canaria is a body created by the Island Authority to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy sources (RES), and the transition to a low carbon economy.  In the island context electromobility will not just substitute imported fossil fuels in the road transport, but becomes a strategical energy asset for grid balancing in scenarios of high penetration of renewable energies. Electric vehicles are non-critical manageable loads that can compensate the variability of non-dispatchable wind and solar energy. As deferrable loads EVs can contribute to “peak-shaving” of the electric demand curve of the island, allowing for higher penetration levels of RES generation.

The objective of the activity promoted by the Island Authority of Gran Canaria is to advance in the deployment of needed recharging infrastructure in the island. The lack of recharging stations is sometimes blamed as one main factor for potential users of electric vehicles, for not making the decision to switch to electromobility.

Evidence of success (results achieved):

  • Installation of  charging stations in the island of Gran Canaria
  • Jobs created during installation and currently maintaining the recharging infrastructure

The infrastructure now installed is the beginning of an envision dense network of recharging stations covering all the island of Gran Canaria. The initial charging stations have been strategically located at convenient places for local residents and at sites regularly visit by tourist.

The cost of fast charges is high. The low number of existing electric vehicles in the island generates concerns about the foreseen low capacity factor which makes it difficult to make a return on investment on the investment on recharging stations

The program has been successful in reducing energy consumption. Also creating jobs associated to installation and maintenance.

With proper training, installing and maintaining rechargeable infrastructure can generate jobs for young unemployed.